Plaster Board Plan

Plaster Board Installation

I plan to install as much of the plaster board by myself. There are different techniques for completing the finish. I note that one must use paper between the joints in order to maintain the fire proof rating and the paper jointing material provides superior resistance to cracking. (see www. Jointing document)

It appears that the plastic mesh is not to be used even though it is popular.

When the boards are in place there is a special plaster joint coating for the first two coats and a different jointing plaster is used for finishing the joint.

It appears that we will not be able to plaster finish the complete boards as the humidity level in too low and there is a risk that a coat of plaster may crack during the drying process.

For the bathrooms areas around the shower I plan to use magnesium board or cement board as it offers superior water proofing.

Applying the plaster to the joints.

Below are a few videos I located in order to watch and learn from the professionals.

More details that may help


An important tool if one is doing the plaster board oneself is a plaster board lifter .

Some of these have height restrictions . Some are very professional and expensive and some are low cost. They vary between €150 and €1000.

Some plaster board web sites that I located to date are—Sheetrock-Lifter-Panel-Hoist.html

One that I will be not using

2 thoughts on “Plaster Board Plan”

  1. Wow, this looks like a lot of work. I never realised how much work and skill go’s into doing plasterboard work. what is ,magnesium, board? I understand it helps in areas with lots of water, but what is it made out of? Is it made of magnesium?


    1. There appears to be lots of options from manufacturers where they use the magnesium with other products to produce boards. I suppose it is a matter of choosing the type of magnesium board for ones own application. I know of one manufacturer who add more layers of mesh for durability on the outside of houses. A link that may be usefull is


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