The Current House

The current house was built in 1973 and was known as a Rofab Construction (A modular concrete panel system ). The house was of single glazing and little insulation . The structure was sound but the use of light and views of the garden were restricted.

The heating system was oil and an internal solid fuel Jubilee in the kitchen that we only mastered after a few years. We had the range really mastered when the smokeless coal was introduced where we could add 8 lumps of coal at midnight and in the morning continue without re-starting the fire. It went 7 days a week over the winter and became the most important room in the house for warmth.

We also had a few lucky escapes with the solid fuel cooker where Daniel had mentioned that he felt sick and soon after the carbon monoxide detector went off down the corridor. From then on we installed two carbon monoxide detectors.

The pictures below should help all those who are deciding to upgrade their Rofab as I understand that there are quite a few built around the country.


Rofab External Wall Construction (View from Inside)
Rofab Wall
External Wall with Ring Beam on Wall Panel and Roof Connection
Rofab Wall
Wall Build Up-Plasterboard/Insulation (25 mm approximately)/Plastic Membrane and External Wall.
Rofab Wall
External Wall junction with mould behind wardrobes.
Floor Construction Rofab. 2-3 Inches of concrete, Plastic and Ground (no insulation). The above image is off the boundary wall (near cone) with a piece of the floor slab lifted and the plastic sheet underneath.


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