Building Miscellany-Passive Pay Back

Passive Pay Back – The House that Pays for itself!

There are many reasons to build a ‘Passivhaus’ for your home.

Comfort, excellent indoor air quality, superior build quality and attention to detail, doing your bit for the environment and the planet by reducing your energy demand and emissions…but perhaps the most surprising and the most compelling is that it will virtually pay for itself!

The SEAI in their annual energy report show a typical home in Ireland uses 5,000 kWh of electricity and 15,000 kWh of other energy forms including coal, gas, peat, oil and so on. This equates with an annual spend of about €2,500 and most would agree this is a conservative figure.

A Passive House will typically use 1/10th of this figure and so has an annual saving of €2,250.

To date energy inflation has been running at 8% year on year so when you factor this in the savings will grow each year and the cumulative savings will really start to mount up. The following table shows just how significant these savings become – virtually approaching a typical build cost over the typical life of a mortgage which is 20 -25 years.

So this shows why it really does pay to take the extra step of using the Passive House Standard!

Yearly and Cumulative Savings

David Hughes B. Arch MRIAI RIBA –

Architect of the House

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