Geopathic Stress Lines and other Energies

Before the foundation began we had the geopathic stress lines on the plot checked out and any other energies that were on the land in its use over the centuries.

With this information the geopathic stress lines were identified in one future bedroom. The bed was moved to combat this and the other energies cleared.

My understanding is that the geopathic stress lines are like naturally occurring magnetic fields that run under the ground and for this reason we felt it was easy to minimise the risk by knowing about them if they existed on the plot and dealing with them at this stage of the self build.

For example some say there is no evidence that pylons and mobile phone masts can damage your health but we decided not to take a risk by building on another one of these issues known as geopathic stress lines. We are also addressing potential risks from other energies such as mains electricity, wi-fi etc. For example one person may be susceptible to hay-fever, a particular food allergy, mobile phones etc and another not.

Like all these things there is no way to be sure how one might be affected.  I think some people are more susceptible and we will try and design these potential risks out of the self build for this generation and the next generation who chose to live in the house.


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